Monday, February 23, 2015

The True Meaning of Sisterhood

What is sisterhood?

 I watched a female comedian recently talking about girl friendships and how truly, they just hate each other. They do girls nights out. Go off with different boys. Talk about each other behind their back. Binge drink together. Use each other. Smile to each other's faces- stab each other in the back. I giggled and laughed at her jokes but then felt such sadness that this was the view of girls and their friendships.

This is what a lot of society thinks about female friendships. The meaning of the words sisterhood has been very lost. 

So first we need to fix our view of a woman.

This time of feminism has been interesting, and for me, disappointing. Instead of seeing women as they really are, I've seen more garbage.  Women being portrayed as super sexual (that is empowering?) women talking dirtier, dressing sexier, and being independent and ruthless. These are the attributes our country has decided makes a woman a woman.

Well I am here to say I will stand against that till my last breath. I have learned how to be a woman FROM the sisterhood and my journey with The Vine. These relationships are a deep, enduring, closeness that is food for the soul. And I've realized, it's something many women have never experienced. Thus a loss of what being a woman really is. I can only describe to you my understanding of being a woman from what I know.

So let me explain:

-A night out for typical societal women - scantily dressed, going to the clubs, picking up dudes, getting pretty hammered, gossip and chit chat.
-What a night out for my sisterhood looks like- Getting dressed in pretty long dresses, hear jazz being played- throwing off our shoes and dancing in the street, singing with a lonely violinist, watching silly old videos of us, making a music video to Circle of Life, laughing till we almost pee our pants, (or actually pee our pants) looking at the stars spinning around until we fall over, kayaking, surfing, and any other adventure we can find. Diving into dumpsters for food. Talking about what's in our deep wilderness of a heart.

(You decide which one sounds more fun;)

This can look different for different women. But being a woman is really a picture of innocence.

When I picture the soul of a women, I think of The Vine just musing to himself -I want to make something lovely- He formed the heart of a woman with goodness, laughter, beauty, gentleness, and a fiery spirit. It doesn't mean we are docile brainless beauties. It means were are lively, lovely and good. 

I live in a house of women. We laugh together, bust out in dancing together, cry together. But most importantly we are living life in the branches together. I have learned about grace from Doc, endurance from Jelly, intentionality from Squirrel, silliness from Zern, determination from Chan, obedience from Shelbs, service from Eileen, goodness from Ang, and selflessness from my mother. (and many many more)

These women are so incredibly different. Yet we have been united. We are in this season together. I have recently been walking through a storm as many of my close sisters have. We have entered those dark places together. We have not let each other sit in our rooms. We have not let ourselves be alone. We have pushed, cried, and loved each other's wounds. And together with The Vine strengthening our roots, we are beginning to heal. That is what sisterhood looks like. It is deep feminine community. Rooted in love. Challenging, unselfish -love.

I want to say that I think my friends are some of the most beautiful women alive (most of them don't even wear makeup). But I want you to get a peek into their souls. The soul of a woman.
And our little life at the Adobe House. And I want this to be a thank you from every piece of my heart to these women who have been there for me. They are mothers, sisters and friends. But all truly women of the Vine.

This is what beauty looks like....(those hollywood girls ain't got nothing on us;)

So women. Stop living up to society's expectations of you. You are not a sexual object, but a captivating beauty. You are not simply a girl to go out drinking with, but a soul sister. The Vine is showing off with you. He is showing off attributes of his character in you. You are full of life..LET THE WORLD SEE IT!

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  1. Being a woman is the most beautiful experience a female could ever encounter. It is where she is introduced to the wonderful creation God made her to be and she meets herself. Womanhood is where the truth about her unfolds and she realizes she has a valuable purpose in this life that no one else can fulfill. It's where she discovers that in side of her are all these wonderful things like feelings desires strengths gifts needs and ideas. Womanhood is where we learn that we are special and unique and more importantly a sister that another woman needs along this journey.


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